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Helloooo, I think we're 'groupies'. Going back to East Burwood footy Ground, Ringwood Highland games, Quiet man, Molly's, BMW Edge, Kilmore Celtic Festival and now Celtic myths and legends Bendigo.  Keep on Rockin' guys and looking forward to seeing you at Ferntree Gully!!   (Dragging out the Scotland FA T-shirt in readiness).

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You Guy's are amazing ! keep on coming to those gig's and we will always have an audience ! ha ha

Seriously, thanks for all of you kind support. It means a lot to us

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Helloooo again,   adding Portarlington to the list.  Great set in the winebar,  you sure did fill it. 
   See you at Kilmore.  Play it Loud !!
      (William, you're a singer not an eater so be careful of the pies, you  wouldn't want to burn your nose.  (Grand Hotel, Sunday arvo.)
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You got that right ! Those pies were great but boy were they hot !

We had a ball at the festival and the crowds were great !

Thanks for coming and see you at a gig soon

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Well done Guys,
     Two great sets at Kilmore,  a good weekend all round, good music, good food and cold beer at Mac's.  How good is that t-shirt I found at the "cheap shop", (haha).  I think it suits me!

          Play it Loud, we had a blast.  See you again soon at another Gig.

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Hi Guy's,

Many thanks, we had a lot of fun as usual
The T shirt looked great !!

Wear it proud mate

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Playing it loud again!!

Great night at the Hungarian Club Sat. night.  ( Of course, a Celtic band playing at a Hungarian club.)  I did have some Hungarian salami in our picnic basket, just for the occasion.  Though it managed to get lost under the 'cans' and 'red'.
     Keep up the adrenalin guys, Portarlington and Kilmore coming up ( and great pubs at both).  Hopefully we can catch you at the QM before then.

..........The Troublemakers..........
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Hi Guy's

Great to see you there on Sat night
Thanks for the long term support, much appreciated.

Salami in the basket Huh?
That takes up valuable drink space ! ha ha

See ya

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Hi Guys,

Great sets and tunes at Portarlington over the long weekend, gotta love that festival !

Flyin' the flag here, wearin' the shirt and always playin' it loud. Catch ya at Kilmore !

( Can we get 1,000 views on this board ? I reckon aye. )

Grant & Debbie
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I agree! Another great National Celtic Festival. You guys were excellent as always. Missed Craig though. Are you at Awakenings this year? We went last year on your recommendation and our guys had a fantastic time. Jackson still talks about singing with the band at the ball and he's just about worn out your CD - you swapped for one from his band the Supernaturals. I think they're going again this year. Keep it loud and proud!!

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Methinks mefeels a slight confusion. We follow the tunes, not play the tunes. (Well not yet anyway). Keep rockin' Keri, we're proud and loud supporters here.

Grant & Debbie McB
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Sorry for confusion. I should have started a new thread I think. A bit technologically challenged!! Thought i was talking to the Claymore guys. Do I feel dumb!!! LOL

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It's all good Keri. Great music, great company and great times is what it's all about, nothing dumb about that.
I'm sure the guys would agree.
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Hi Keri and Deb and Grant !

Keep on Keepin on ! It was  a great weekend indeed and thanks for making the effort to come along. We will be at Awakenings and looking forward to it as usual.
Come along to one of our next two shows if you can and wish us Bonn voyage !

All the best

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Hey Guys,
     Looking forward to catching up at Portarlington in a couple of weeks,  we'll be in the same spot in front of the bar under one of the heaters ( dodging the flu droplets falling from the roof).  
  Hopefully "Kilmore" happens again this year as well.  You know it just wouldn't be the same without Claymore playing it loud and flying the flag.

Keep on keeping on,
     Grant + Debbie
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