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A Scotsman goes to a wedding down in England.    He is wearing his kilt and all the accessories.

He goes into a bar and is sitting on a bar stool having a quiet drink.    3 English guys come in and go and sit at a table in the corner.    Once settled in, they spot the Scotsman at the bar.

One of the guys says “I’ll go and get the pints, and I’ll wind the Jock up !”

He orders his pints, and as he picks them up he says to the Jock, “St Andrew was a poof”.   The Jock looks at him and says “I didn’t know that !”

When he gets back to the table, he tells his mates he got no reaction from the Jock.

The 2nd Englishman says, “Okay, my turn”, goes to the bar, gets 3 pints, and says “St Andrew was a poof and a transvestite !”

The Jock replies “Oh! I didn’t know that either.”

The Englishman goes back to his mates, and they are a wee bit frustrated.   They’ve tried to insult the Scotsman twice and got no reaction.

The 3rd man says, “Look, we’ve got this all wrong.  What do Jocks hate the most ?”

He goes to the bar, gets his drinks, and says to the Jock  “St Andrew was an Englishman !”

The Jock looks at him, takes a sip of his whisky and says  “Aye. Yer mates were just telling me."
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